Step by Step Retreats

Third Phase: Confirming
"To confirm the conformed"
or the unitive way in suffering and pain

At the beginning of this new Phase read this Introduction 
The proceeding with the Steps will be the same as in the preceding Phases.
The texts to use along the Steps are the Guidelines with regard to Eating
the Examination of Consciousness and some might want to read again from the Second Phase the Three Degrees of the Love of God


Step 22: The Last Supper – First Part

Step 23: The Last Supper – Second Part: The last discourses of Jesus

Step 24: Gethsemane

Step 25: Interrogated, denied, mocked, tortured and condemned…

Step 26: Crucifixion and Death

Step 27: Waiting at the Tomb of Jesus





(Photo by Peter Somogyvari)