Step 11: An Enneagram Exercise and The Value System of Jesus Christ

Each prayer session will be structured as it follows:

We go to our place of prayer quiet down a short while and begin with some prayer. After the opening prayer and asking the grace we want to receive in this step then read the orientation and one of the scripture quotes listed below, then we spend some time with silent prayer. At the end we jot down a diary about the experience of this meditation and share with our companion about it. Finish always with a short prayer. Each session should take at least half an hour and not more than one and the half hour. We remain with the material as long as we feel that it is fruitful in insights and feelings. We have given some scripture quotes to each occasion but others can be chosen for more prayer sessions to prolong the time spent with this step, which can take usually one or two weeks if we do it in our daily life with one prayer session a day.

Don’t forget to do the "Daily Examination of Consciousness"

The practice of Examination will be a great help that you need to use during this retreat.

Opening Prayer:

We place ourselves in the presence of God and pray that everything we do would serve the good for us and for all.

Asking what we want:

We will repeat twice the Two Standards meditation. This Enneagram Exercise serves as a first repetition and similarly the grace we ask here is to recognize the traps of the value system of Satan in our personal life and in our society in order to avoid them, and we ask the grace of the existential knowledge of the value system of Jesus and choose it when discerning about our decisions. The companions need to pray for each other’s choices and for the grace that they could help each other in this exercise and later in the decisions.

Orientation and meditation:

"During the repetitions of the "Two Standards" meditation we review the points that moved us the more. In order to help the repetitions we give here additional material that can be read and worked on along with the review and sharing. We close also these review sessions with the triple prayer to Mary, Jesus and the Father. Given the importance of this part of the Exercises process, if it is necessary the companions are free to prolong the time dedicated to these repetitions. The schedule we give is always only a guideline, otherwise the companions should decide of the pace of going through the Exercises process, and a calm, relaxed, and reflective way of doing this is always preferable. The general rule is that we stop with a particular exercise, point, or reflection while we feel that it "gives some fruit" and go ahead to the following points only when see that we have "exhausted" the present material".

(Excerpt from the Manual )

For this Step we have the material in the Manual in the chapter "First repetition of the Two Standards: Enneagram Exercise".

Scripture Passages:

1. Is 11:1-3

2. Gal 5:19-23

Final Prayers:

"At this juncture of the Exercises process the companions need to stop for a common review and sharing on how things are going. It is advisable to arrange a session when there is common prayer and after it each companion can describe her or her experiences, mainly regarding the last exercise on the "Two Standards", sharing the feelings and insights emerged during the meditation and what decisions seem necessary, if there is any. We should remember that the companions act also as spiritual guides to each other and it is important that they know what is happening with the other, but they should restrain from forcing each other on concrete decisions in any way…

"After this sharing the companions follow with three prayerful conversations. First asking the intercession of Mary (1) for their personal and common situation and end it with a Hail Mary… The second and third prayer is as usual with Jesus Christ (finished by the prayer Soul of Christ…) and with the Father. Conclude with an Our Father…"

(Excerpts from "147. Prayerful conversation, sharing and review" of the "Two Standards" in the Manual )


(1) We propone that protestant companions address this prayer to the Holy Spirit.