Step 1: Listening 


The following will be the outline of this and of all the other Steps later.

We go to our place of prayer quiet down a short while and begin with some prayer:

Opening Prayer:

We place ourselves in the presence of God and pray that everything we do would serve the good for us and all.

Asking what we want:

In this step we ask the grace to be able to listen to God saying to us “Come, listen to my Word”.

Orientation and meditation:

Listening is one crucial attitude that enables us to receive healing and spiritual growth: “It is the calling of every person to be actively receptive to the word which comes forth from the mouth of God and to allow oneself through the interior “hearing” and “keeping” of that word to be healed and enlightened, to be transformed into the image of Christ”*

After this preparation we read one of the Scripture passages given below. Following the reading we spend a short time to reflect on it. In this way our emerging thoughts and feeling will be a response to the Word of God just read. Finally we jot some points in our notebook.  Couples can read it aloud to each other and after the reflection then share as companions on the road the thoughts and feelings emerged in each and take notes. If the companions desire, they can spend in silent meditation further 15-20 minutes. To each of the readings we dedicate one session at least, always beginning with the same prayers, reading, reflection, sharing and ending with the final prayers. In this way the First Step will occupy seven meetings or sessions, usually we do one session a day but it can vary according to what the companions feel like appropriate.


Scripture Passages:

1.   Isaiah 55

2.   Matthew 11:25-30

3.   1 Samuel 3:1-10

4.   Revelations 3:14-22

5.   Psalms 8

6.   Psalms 19

7.   Psalms 95


Final Prayers:

We spend some time speaking with God about our experiences in this session, thank him for the graces received. Close with an Our Father...



*Quote from Bernard Tyrrell, S.J., Christotherapy I: Healing Through Enlightenment, (Eugene: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 1999) p. 21. (in further references “Christotherapy I”)