Step by Step Retreats


  "Let God what? Let go of all disordered desires and just let God be in and with you, and be whatever God wants to be for you. Let god take you through consolation or dryness or trials. But LET God. What God wants, God deserves. Trust yourself to God." (Fr. Nigro)

Birds are singing with full heart in simple and joyful way, praising God and begging Him for all they need. This is the prayer of the birds, letting in one's heart words of love and praise and supplication arise to God constantly, and in every situation.

"Profound meditation means letting the turtle-dove's chatter echo in you, means to let the song that appears in your heart rise and overflow in you, as the flower's scent surrounds you…Meditation also means breathing while singing inside, without external sounds.
Without trying to find the profound meaning, I suggest you keep on repeating, murmuring, humming, making deeply and fully vibrate in you these words that fill with love for God the hearts of the monks on Mount Athos: "Kyrie eleison, kyrie eleison"."
(Fr. Leloup)

Scripture: "Look at the birds of the sky; they do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them" (Mt 6:26)
"Like a sparrow I chitter; I moan like a dove. My eyes grow weak, grazing heavenward: O Lord, I am in straits; be my surety!" (Is 38:14)