Step by Step Retreats




"Listen with faith, deeply and reverently; listen with trust; listen with hunger to be fed by His Word; listen with gratitude and in peace, without searching for hidden meanings. Forget about implications, applications, conclusions, resolutions, lessons, etc. Be simple, like a child nestled in its parent's or grandparent's lap, securely listening to a story." (Fr. Nigro)

The vast waters of the ocean sends it waves in continuous rhythm to the shores as the mighty winds sweep over its surface. It gives life to countless creatures, yet, the depths are still, full of peace. To pray like the ocean one needs to take on the rhythm of the waves of breath and then descend in the silent depths, below the noise of thoughts and feelings and listen there to God present and the center of one's heart.

"He gladly remembered the verses of the poet that marked his adolescence: "Life is like a sea troubled by waves. Common people see only the waves out of it. Look carefully how waves permanently come out to the surface from the depth while it remains hidden, beyond them". The sea was not "hidden" for him anymore; all beings and things' identity was more obvious without cancelling variety. Environment and shape, content and look, visible and invisible did not appear to him as oppositions anymore; all those started to melt in life's unique ocean." (Fr. Leloup)

Scripture: "darkness covered the abyss, while the Spirit of God hovered over the waters" (cf. Gn 1:2)