Step by Step Retreats

Fourth Phase: Transforming
"To transform the confirmed"
or unitive way in joy

 Before continuing  with the Steps of this Phase, read the Introduction to it.


Step 28: The risen Jesus appears to his mother Mary and to the other women

Step 29: Jesus appears to his disciples behind closed doors– Divine Mercy Sunday

Step 30: Jesus appears to the disciples on the road to Emmaus

Step 31: Jesus appears to the disciples on the lakeshore

Step 32: The Ascension



The end of the retreat

"The Ascension" is the end of the Fourth Phase, but there is still one exercise that will serve as a crowning point of the retreat and as a transition to the aftermath, which we could call also the "Fifth Phase".

St. Ignatius placed  the magnificent "Contemplation to Attain the Love of God" after the four phases in the book of the Spiritual Exercises. We see this exercise as an experience of Pentecost, a possibility for a new effusion of the Holy Spirit, which enables us to bring over the graces received in this retreat fruitfully to the rest of our life.

(Picture: the icon of the resurrection)