Step by Step Retreats

Calendar for Praying the Step by Step Online Retreat 
Alongside the Liturgical Year

 You can begin this Retreat any time and do the Steps with your own pace, but if you want to bring the Retreat in harmony with the celebrations of the liturgical year use the schematic calendar below. (If you wish, print it out and write your own dates and notes on it).

In this way, beginning the Retreat in Agust/September you will contemplate the mystery of the Incarnation and of the birth of Jesus around Christmas and the Passion and Resurrection around Easter - whenever it falls in the given year-, and finish in May/June after Pentecost of that year.

In this schema, first we take the Steps biweekly that gives time to get familiar with the method,  to experiment with it, and to find the best place and time of the day for prayer, and so on. Then we will go mainly with weekly schedule, staying with each Step for a week more or less, except that for some demanding meditations (e.g. Steps 13) to which we can dedicate more time.  During the Holy Week we make our prayer more intense to contemplate the events of the passion daily and arrive to the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  After Easter we will go again with a slower pace until Pentecost and to the aftermath of the Retreat.

The Retreat ends at Pentecost with the Contemplation to attain the love of God that will lead us to the ordinary times of daily life in the aftermath of the Retreat. During the summer weeks if one desires could continue with our Contemplative Series  - which is a school of contemplative prayer.

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Step to take

From Aug 15, Feast of Assumption of Our Lady take time to get familiar with the retreat

Introduction to the Online Retreat in Everyday Life and scheduling

September – first two weeks

Step 1: Listening

September – second half

Step 2: Our Human vocation

October – first two weeks

Step 3: The Principle of Freedom

October – second half

Step 4: Existential Experience of the History of Salvation

November – first two weeks

Step 5: Our Personal History of Salvation

November – second half

Step 6: Hell and Mercy

From the Feast of Christ the King to the first weeks of Advent

Beginning of the Second Phase and

Step 7: The Parable of the Kingdom of Christ

Rest of Advent up to Christmas

Step 8: God Prepares a Way for Our Salvation - The Mystery of the Incarnation

Around Christmas, Dec 25

Step 9: God So Loved the World - The Birth of Jesus

Around the Feast of the Holy Family and New Year’s Day

Step 10: The Hidden Life and the Value System of Jesus Christ

Around Epiphany

Step 11: An Enneagram Exercise and The Value System of Jesus Christ

Ordinary time begins at the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord – one week

Step 12: The Value System of Jesus Christ: A Summary

Spend two weeks with this Step

Step 13: Three Types of Attitude toward Possessions

One week

Step 14: Three Types of Attitude in Scriptural Case Studies

One or two weeks. Take as much time with the Steps 15 to 20 as to arrive to Step 21 around Palm Sunday, depending on when Lent begins

Step 15: Baptism and Temptation of Jesus; Three Degrees of the Love of God

Step 16: Jesus Calls His Followers; Arriving to a Decision

Step 17: Jesus Teaches the Way; Arriving to a Decision (cont.)

Step 18: Jesus Heals: To be Free to be Able to Choose; Arriving to a Decision (cont.)

Step 19: Who is Jesus? What quality do I long and pray for; Arriving to a Decision (cont.)

Step 20: Jesus raises Lazarus and gets anointed at the supper in Bethany; Arriving to a Decision (cont.)

Palm Sunday

Step 21: Jesus arrives to Jerusalem, enters the city and the Temple; Concluding the Second Phase

Holy Monday

Beginning of the Third Phase and

Step 22: The Last Supper; First Part

Holy Tuesday

Step 23: The Last Supper; Second Part: The last discourses of Jesus

Holy Wednesday

Step 24: Gethsemane

Holy Thursday

Step 25: Interrogated, denied, mocked, tortured and condemned...

Good Friday

Step 26: Crucifixion and Death

Holy Saturday

Step 27: Waiting at the Tomb of Jesus

Easter – one week

Beginning of the Fourth Phase and

Step 28: The risen Jesus appears to his mother Mary and to the other women

Divine Mercy Sunday – one week

Step 29: Jesus appears to his disciples behind closed doors; Divine Mercy Sunday

Easter time – two weeks

Step 30: Jesus appears to the disciples on the road to Emmaus

Easter time – two weeks

Step 31: Jesus appears to the disciples on the lakeshore

Ascension to Pentecost

Step 32: The Ascension

From Pentecost for as long as desired

End of the Retreat and Beginning of the Aftermath with the

Contemplation to Attain the Love of God



and here is the Calendar for the 2014-2015 season of retreats:


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